Some individual’s dream to become a physician stem from early, poignant childhood memories or experiences, but this was certainly not mine. While I am not aware of any genetic relationship to Wilbur & Orville Wright , I have always LOVED airplanes from the ripe age of three years old. Even late into college, I desired to be involved with every stage of flying: from the engineering design of airplanes to consideration of being a test pilot, a “TopGun” , or even a commercial airline captain.

image002While I had carefully planned my goals towards the pursuit of becoming a pilot and diligently studied to obtain my VFR flight rating by age 17, God made it apparent He had different plans (Pr. 16:3,9) for me and my life’s occupational pursuits. On August 5, 1989, my life took a significant change of direction after nearly being killed in a four-wheeling accident in Colorado. As an avid Jeep four-wheeler, I had regularly pursued this adventurous sport with my friends over the later years of high school. But on this beautiful day in August, a freak accident was a part of God’s plan for my life.

image004With time I came to the realization that the Bible, along with the wise counsel and encouragement from my family and friends, reveals how God had allowed this apparent tragedy for my good (Romans 8:28-30). While this accident had severe physical consequences to my health, God used this life-changing experience to significantly refine my faith to trust Him (Cor 1: 3-11)  through the many challenges of this trial and for the future. But why?

You might have heard it said: “Why does God allow “bad” things to happen to “good” people Grace To You )? ”   How can this tragedy be for my good or any tragedy/ailment for anyone’s betterment GTY )?   If God cares about me specifically, why does He allow me to suffer? Shouldn’t I always be healthy if I trust God (Answer) ?   How do I persevere during my suffering (Answer)?

image006These questions are difficult, but not when you’re dealing with an all-powerful, all-knowing God of the universe who has a purpose for YOUR life.  These questions would become existential, rhetorical exercises if the Bible were not clear about God’s love, His holiness and holy/perfect standard for us, His purpose for fallen and sin-stained man, and how each of us has the opportunity to restore a relationship with Him when we repent and surrender our control over our lives to His plan for us Antidote: GOOD NEWS ).

For me, my faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for the penalty of my sin (for me personally and in my place – His undeserved gift/grace toward me and ALL who repent and believe upon Him) is what sustains me in the past and present, and gives me hope for the future. My prayer is that you would know Jesus, the risen Savior as revealed in the Bible, to be your abiding trust too.

My encouragement to you is that God has a distinct and unique plan for you personally!  If I am blessed to have the opportunity to have you as my patient, it will be my concern to help equip you to be the best man/woman/child that God intends you to be (physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually) in this journey of life.

God Bless You,

Fred Church, D.O., FAAFP